Financial Planning

Have you considered what you would like to do and how you would like to live when you hang up your entrepreneurial boots? If you did an inventory of all the things you want to be, do and have when you retire (from business), how much would it cost to fund that lifestyle?

You can leave it to chance or you can make a plan. Leaders, like you, don’t leave things to chance. They plan ahead, make contingencies and expect a brighter future because they are proactive in making it happen. They don’t leave it in their heads either; leaders write it down.

A massive 92.6% of business owners say that their exit strategy is important to their future well-being (and that of their business) and 12%, the leaders, have a written plan.

Having a plan means setting a goal or goals around what you want your exit strategy and plan to achieve, which brings us back to the opening question. Our financial planners will help you get clear about all your needs and wants after you exit your business:

  • the lifestyle you want to lead
  • the luxuries you want to have
  • the legacies you want to leave
  • the contingencies you want in place

With a clear vision of your future, they will then help you figure out how to make that a reality. How much you need to save, your pension provisions, other investments you can make, etc., to accrue sufficient net worth to fund you future lifestyle. This will include working with our business valuation experts and business and exit planning specialists to work out a plan to maximise the value of your business as the cornerstone of your investment portfolio. They will help you configure your business to deliver today and in the future.

Get in touch to talk to a financial planner and join the 12% of leaders that aren’t leaving their futures to chance.

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