Business Planning

A business plan serves four distinct purposes when it comes to your exit strategy.

  1. Guide you and your team with specific, coordinated activity towards achieving your goals – this is the traditional purpose of a business plan.
  2. To demonstrate to a potential buyer that your historical growth was planned, not accidental. This removes risk from an acquisition for the buyer and adds value to your company. It can also give an acquirer a kick-start when they take over, because there is a plan already in motion.
  3. To create a habit with your team around business planning and executing according to a plan that they can continue once you are no longer running the business day to day – as such, it’s a vital part of your succession planning.
  4. Incorporate specific exit planning into your overall business plan. For example, you may want to include aspects such as acquirer identification, risk reduction, enhanced corporate governance, etc., together with budgets for these aspects, into your business plan.

Our expert business plan writers will work with you, and your team if appropriate, to help you develop and write your business plan, incorporating your exit strategy and plans. It will include a business valuation and revaluation to demonstrate the effectiveness of your value-building activities.

A business plan can be a stand-alone option or incorporated into more comprehensive exit planning and value creation and is part of our flag-ship Value Accelerator ProgrammeTM.

Get in touch and ask to speak to a business planner about your requirements and they will explain your various options.

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