Exit Planning Services For SMEs

Our services are focused on helping to develop the best exit strategy for you, your family, your employees and the future of your business after your stewardship. Combined they make up our Value Accelerator Programme.Value Accelerator

Business Valuation

Annual business valuation using a consistent methodology tailored to your business is an essential way to track business progress

Financial Planning

Your business could comprise 80-90% of your personal assets. We tailor our financial advice to ensuring that your business can support your lifestyle dreams now and after business

Succession Planning

Putting the right people in the right positions and getting the best out of them so that your business works without you. Engage your employees in the process so they give their best before, during and after you execute your exit plan


From shareholder agreements to vendor documentation our legal team will help you avoid the business transfer pitfalls that can happen during due diligence knocking tens of thousands off the sale price

Business Planning

A significant factor in the value and sellability of your company is the confidence prospective buyers have in your growth projections. A comprehensive business plan helps you grow more predictably, integrates your exit strategy and instils confidence in buyers

Risk Management

From managing day to day risks that can devalue a business to managing the specific risks associated with exiting your business

Online Business Valuation

The most sophisticated online business valuation calculator available.

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