Make an Appointment

Step 1

Arrange a Discovery Call.

During this call, which takes about 20-40 minutes, we’ll find out what you’re looking to achieve and you can find out what we can do to help. This call will define the agenda for the Diagnostic and Proposal Meeting.

Step 2

Diagnostic and Proposal Meeting

In this meeting with you we will discuss your goals, uncover how things stand at the moment in relation to those goals and then review the options so you can choose the best way forward to suit you.

Step 3


We will draw up a programme of works detailing the modules and stages, how we will work together, the timeframe and investment. Once you agree and sign the programme, we can start working together straight away.

If you haven’t spoken to one of our associates before you’ll probably want to have a quick chat before doing anything else so you can ask some questions. Book a Discovery Call over the phone, leave your phone number and we’ll call you at your preferred time.

If you have spoken with us before, and you’re ready to start the process of developing an exit strategy and plan, then book a Diagnostic and Proposal Session in which we’ll work together to develop the best way forward for you and your business.

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