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Exit Readiness Index

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Bob received a very lucrative offer for his business, equivalent to four to five times annual revenue, from a strategic buyer. He snapped their hand off, but didn’t think through the impact that the divestiture would have on his employees. He’d worked with these people for years building the business and when he sold, the new owners didn’t need many of them. Bob suffered with depression for a couple of years after exiting, regretting his decision.

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Business Valuation Calculator

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Access our free, confidential online business valuation calculator here for a quick valuation of your business. Get in touch for a more detailed valuation.There are many reasons to obtain a detailed business valuation, including:

  • To have a reasonable asking price for a company
  • To support negotiations with potential buyers
  • To value shares if a shareholder wants to sell
  • To value for changes in circumstances, for example divorce

Whatever your specific reasons, having a full valuation of your company puts you in a much stronger position – whether for negotiation or sales.

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Online Business Valuation

The most sophisticated online business valuation calculator available.

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