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Business Valuation Calculator

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Access our free, confidential online business valuation calculator here for a quick valuation of your business. Get in touch for a more detailed valuation.There are many reasons to obtain a detailed business valuation, including:

  • To have a reasonable asking price for a company
  • To support negotiations with potential buyers
  • To value shares if a shareholder wants to sell
  • To value for changes in circumstances, for example divorce

Whatever your specific reasons, having a full valuation of your company puts you in a much stronger position – whether for negotiation or sales.

A detailed business valuation will help you make clearer, better decisions about how to take the business forward. However, our free basic valuation calculator will give you a reasonable idea of the approximate value of your business (within a range). Use the form below if you’re just looking for a quick estimate. Otherwise, contact our valuation experts to get a more accurate, reliable valuation.

The cost of a detailed valuation varies depending on size, scope and purpose of the work involved, ranging from £500 to £2000 + VAT.

But sometimes you may just want a quick guide. That’s what this online business valuation calculator is designed to help you do fonte dell’articolo.

Most online business valuation calculators simply take some basic financial information, usually EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation) in conjunction with a standard multiplier to offer you an estimate of the value of your business. This multiplier may come from sector specific data on business sales, or in even less specific cases, may simply be a commonly accepted multiplication factor for SMEs, such as 3.5xEBITDA.

However, the profit multiple your business can expect to achieve in a successful business transaction is based as much on how your business operates as it is on industry specific factors. That’s why we have developed an algorithm to draw together financial and operational information and combine it with sector specific and UK M&A market information to bring you a more personalised assessment of your business’ value than most other free online business valuation calculators.

Bear in mind, however, no online calculator can be as accurate as a professional taking a detailed look at your business. But as a guide, it might just be enough to kick-start your exit planning.

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