Triple Value Year on Year for a Lucrative Exit

SEPA, Sapphire Exit Planning Associates, are focused on helping the owners of small and medium sized businesses to achieve their best exit possible. Whether that be selling or passing the business on to a family member, or offering an MBO, we’ll help you plan ahead to get the best deal possible for you, your family, your employees and the ongoing success of your business.

We are an association because in order to achieve the best exit possible you need to have input from experts in various fields all pulling in the same direction, including accountants, financial advisors, solicitors, management consultants, etc fonte dell’articolo. Our team is built to provide all these skills and work together to achieve your goals – we will never work at cross purposes to you or each other.

Here are some of the facts that drive our mission to help business owners to exit in the most lucrative way possible for them that will secure the legacy of their business going forward:

  1. 92.6% of business owners surveyed said that a transition strategy was important for their futures and that of their business.
  2. Despite that, only 12% of business owners had a written plan.
  3. 71% wanted to transition in the next 10 years and 45% in the next 5 years.
  4. Only 20% of businesses listed for sale actual sell and of those that do, most sell for far less than the list price.
  5. If you’re looking to put your business under management, it’s sobering to realise that fewer than 35% of business owners thought their management team were up to taking over the business completely.
  6. And if you’re thinking of passing your business to a family member, bear in mind that only 40% of second generation family businesses make it to the third generation.

The aim of our flagship service, the Value Accelerator Programme, is to triple the value of businesses year on year in preparation for a lucrative exit. It is geared to increasing profits by more than 400% and increasing the value of the business by up to 30 times.

Clients that didn’t want to sell found that their successors were far better placed to take over the business whether that be the management team or a family member.

We have seen first hand what happens when a client’s mindset shifts to having a finish line focus. All their decisions are taken in a different context. Even those decision taken in the start-up or pre-startup phase are affected by a finish line focus. It’s never too soon to shift focus.

To find out why a finish line focus is not just for those ready to exit their business and how it can improve the day to day running of a business, download our e-book below.



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